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There are plenty of choices now.

My blogging interests have varied, what i need these days is a scratchpad - a place where i could put my thoughts into and write whatever that comes to my mind.

I have hence moved to

It's powered by Google App Engine and i could code and make all the tweaks i want to make which Blogger or wordpress doesn't provide.

It will be my repository of thoughts. 

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(A mail which was send around 1 year ago to our seniors in TPC. Found it again amidst other things, i think i need to save this one. Keep it fresh in my memory, what better way than putting it up in blog)

Dear Seniors,

In every persons life, there comes a moment where we look at the clock nearby and wished that it had freezed for sometime. I guess you are going through one of those moments, one in which you wished that your college life extended a little more. Well, unfortuanately life has more to it than college life(They say like that, if you ask me that's utter stupidity ). And so you departed from CEC, from TPC to the brave new world of adulthood in the process of figuring out LIFE.

This mail is a reminder to you that you guys are terribly missed in whatever we do. We can't replicate the 'mentoring skills' of Davis chettan , the 'accent' of Rose chechy , the 'fun making ability ' of Lakshmy chechi, the 'coolness' of Rameez chettan, the 'sweetness' of Tina chechy , the 'guiding skills ' of Nishant chettan , the 'preciseness' of Liny chechy or the 'quiet working skills' of Saurabh chettan. In short no one can replace the space you guys have left. (Meenu Saji , an upcoming talent has been creating some interest in the field of 'chalus' in TPC room reminding us once again how good Lakshmy chechy truly was). Jokes apart, we miss you terribly in all the things we do.

One year ago, we were added to a unique mailing list "CECTPC", which at the time of joining made no sense to us. But through the period of last year, we have understood along with other traditions of TPC, the importance of the mailing list. The profile picture of the group says "1+1=3"; A mathematical challenge which was proved to be correct with our team effort last year. But we always believed that , the final result became three because of the strong 8 members who joined together to make a big 1 which actually had the power of two (this is supposed to be confusing; purposefully put to make the mail lengthy ) . Keeping aside the mathematical aspects, we would once again repeat the obvious, " IT WAS SHEER PLEASURE TO BE PART OF A TEAM THAT COMPRISED OF OSM PEOPLE LIKE YOU GUYS".

A new academic year is about to start, fresh faces of TPC have to be added to the mailing list; which hopefully will give them a sense of what TPC is all about. Sadly adding them to "CECTPC" will also mean removing you guys from it. It is something difficult for all of us to do, but it should be done just like all those awkward little things which keeps propelling our lives forward(Oops , getting a touch senti here).
So this will be the last message you guys will get from CECTPC, i know for a fact that removing from a mailing list doesn't mean TEOTWAWKI(The end of the world as we know it). You guys might think of the mail as somewhat silly, but it's just plain weird for us to remove the people who added us. We owe you for teaching us everything that is there about TPC - from keeping the walls clean to using appro to generate list (and ofcourse Keeping the bathroom clean #thetageveryTPCiancarries ).

THANK YOU is a too simple word of expressing our gratitude for all the things you taught us, told us and made us do. A dramatic way of saying would be that " We are all members of the same family that believes in service to college " . And yes i am truly getting a sense of the over hyped and over used expression "Once a TPCian , Always a TPCian" seeing you guys leave.
TPC 2011, All the very best for whatever you do ; wherever life takes you may blessings of the almighty be with you.

With lots of LOVE

TPC 2012
(Titto Thomas, Liji Kalathil , Tony Abraham , Meenu Saji , Wesly T Varghese, Devika Velayudhan, Krishna Sangeeth K.S , Presil K. K, Dennis Antony Varkey)

PS: ee mail ile spelling mistakes um grammatical mistakes um dayavu cheythu tirichu azhakaruthu.

Note : we will be disturbing you with phone calls , SMS and all other modern forms of disturbances known to ma