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(A post which sleeped under my drafts section for long time(3 months); Here finally unraveling it)

Time : 11:30 am

Place: S3 D (aka kaadu)



Sara Miss is scribbling the questions in the green board, she is our EM2 lecturer. After copying the solution of last problem I looked around , I could see some irritated faces here and there. I was also feeling a bit uneasy. There are various things that attribute to it- the mosquitoes that are roaming around and feasting at my blood, the PPL class which nearly knocked me out to perpetual sleep last hour . As I gaze around I can see that I am not the last man standing in this situation. Almost everyone is fed up and needs a break.

11:45 am

Some one steps in and asks Miss If she will allow a group of students to go out early so that they can attend the marriage of our beloved OOPS miss . "Yeah this is nice……. " I said to myself coz I am one among the elite few who have managed right to travel to changannassery (forgot to mention that's the place where the wedding happens). But as the wise men say " Teachers never leave class room early, they don't want the students to do it either..". A persistent miss meant 15 more minutes of grueling math, with some lady luck time went away quickly this time around.

12:10 pm

Chengannur bus station was soon flooded by some cecians who had just found out an innovative way of bunking class. Yes

That included me too, it may be downright cheap for me to call this act a mere bunking as it was much more than that.. Our teacher was getting married and we felt the need to be there. There was also a surprise gift to be given away ( I will stick with the word surprise gift here coz I personally don't know or doesn't remember what the gift is.. Whatever it was, it sure carried a hefty price tag.)

The two reps Dheeraj and Archana leading us the way. Yeah the Ex reps Presil and Jipsa also feature in it.

Goodness me what will we do without these reps and Ex reps, we need their help even for bunking...


Yes we reached Changannachery, all the people who travelled with me will be pulling my neck for the time I have stated above. But guys calm down, I am just trying to convince others here the fact that we did managed to reach the place at correct muhurtham and saw the marriage at its full splendor .(So don't make much fuzz about it).Even LKG dropouts would have by now understood that we didn't reached the place to catch the marriage on time. It was all because of the long traffic blocks and slow bus (Just blaming something that can't respond, Can't blame teachers coz they will respond with internals). But we didn't missed out on the most important part of the marriage ceremony-- the SADHYA(pappadam pazham payasam)

DYK#1:: Melvin was asking for  payasam from this particular guy for a long time , but the guy seemed like he was not going to hear his call but  he waited there patiently for a new guy to come up with payasam. The guy surely can wait!!!

DYK#2: we walked for about 10 to 15 minutes from bus stop. On the way we saw a Toddy shop
(Pacha malayalathil "Kallu shaap"). Many eyes were glued on to that scenic building……….

The bride and groom.. All the best wishes to them

DYK#3 Renju miss was wearing a lot of jewellery and some one passed this comment "Aliya miss joy alukkasinte parasyathile modeline pole undu,che missinte jewellery

 Now this is what happens when we have multiple photographers.. I took this photo and my sincere thanks to Sander and Vineesh coz the rest are posing for Anoop

Ok I think, now I am starting to get a bit of memory back………. So I will continue the story from here. Yes we had our SADHYA, we took the pics, we gave the surprise gift, Now all that is left to do is "GO BACK TO COLLEGE". No… NO.. This can't be happening I said to myself. I don't want to go back to college and attend the last hour now. Thankfully we had unity in our thoughts, almost everyone was lazy to go back to college.

So what's NEXT?

Then came the brilliant idea.. I don't know who was behind it, all I can say is "WHAT AN IDEA SIRJEE?".

The idea was to visit the nearby park in changannssery, There was a total consensus(picked this term from last years T.C.S class which is defined as "Agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole" ) among all of us for this marvelous idea. So we waited patiently for the bus which will take us to the park

A pic from the bus stop.. I still haven't quite figured out what Dennis is trying to do

What can The uber cool engineering students of CEC do in a CHILDRENS PARK?

See for yourself….


I still don't know how that thing supported the weight of both Anuraj and Anoop,

May be this is a special zone where laws of gravity doesn't apply.

Well I was trying to calculate the rpm of the sophisticated device…
(Incase my parents happens to see the blog)


  We come from different places, talk differenty,do things differenty but one thing unites us all "CEC- our alma mater"

(Bunking also unites us! )


Then came the boating.. Engineering students in Kerala have a darn legacy for boating tragedies.. I was unsure about doing this, but eventually followed my heart.

DYK#4:While plying the boat we encountered a boat with some girls in it, we raced towards it and to their surprise took a good 360 degree turn. It was real fun and Credits goes to Anuraj and Anoop who were the chief sailors.

DYK#5: Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Blesson started singing "TITI TARA TITI THEI" and all of us followed giving some hard exercise to our vocal chords. DJ had the strongest sound.

Too many cooks in the kitchen will spoil the dish. Almost everyone had their hands on the pankayam but no one knows to use it.(Even i don't know to use it properly, but we had good sailors in form of Anuraj and Anoop)

 DYK#7 Radhika was very thirsty and she bought a 7up(not that sure). Before she could remove the cap, bipin took it followed by me and atleast 5 other people. All that left was a few drops for her.

DYK#8 Bipin (if my memory is correct) didn't spend a single penny in canteen. But he was running around and feasting on the food others buy. Sometimes i followed the guru's path with good resutlt.

As with all the other good things, that day also came to an abrupt end. Everyone who was present there had the time of their lives. For me personally that day is way up there among the good moments I treasure ever since the tag cecian has become my identiy.

There were numerous other funny events that happened other day. Most of which I don't remember, that is why the title is given INCOMPLETE. The missing links of the day could only be filled by people who was part of that marvelous journey.

That's all Folks………………………….

With love



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