The Really Tough Quiz

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There were good attempts by many but eventually only one person was able to crack it completely. It happens to be Arunanand T.A , the chairman of CEC

Question 1

What connects the following images




Ans: CEC
Pic a is of Cannara engineering college( aka CEC)
Pic b is of Navin Chawla (Chief Election Commisioner,aka CEC)
Pic c is of Chandigarh Engineering college(aka CEC)

Question 2

What is common to the following names?


ans: These are the names of 12 characters played by piggy chops in her latest movie what's your Raashee.

Question 3

What is the name given to the brown coloured region in the map?

Ans: That was IEEE Region 10. CEC would also figure in it.

Question 4

On which occasion did google presented this doodle?

Ans: On August 29th viz Birthday of Michael Jackson.

Question 5

This is the official poster of which controversial 1994 movie  ?

Ans: Quiz Show( Movie based on  rigged quiz show twenty one)

Question 6

Norma Jean is know in the film industry by another name. what is it?

Ans: Marilyn Monroe.

Question 7

Which famous musicians death is grieved here?

Ans: John Lenon ( Of Beatles)

Question 8

Identify the logo ?

Ans: Napster

Question 9

The picture shows the three most powerful men of the past era- Stalin, Roosevelt and
Winston churchill. Which historic event led to this unique photo?

Ans: Tehran Conference

Question 10

Id The tall structure?

Ans: Taipei 101.

Question 11

What makes the following  unique among cricketers.?

Ans: They are the only people to have been wicket keepers, skippers and opened the innings for their team in the same match.

Question 12

This signature is of …………………………..

Ans: Queen Elizabeth

Question 13

Test cricket:



What am I referring to?

Ans:Highest individual run scorers in all forms of the game.

Question 14

The picture shows the 33rd american president Harry S Truman.
What does the letter "S" stands for in his name?

Ans: S stands for  nothing. it was put to satisfy his grand parents..

Question 15

This place has been in news some time ago. For what purpose?

Ans: Public Memorial of Michael Jackson.

Question 16

Whose family is being shown here?

Ans: Annadurai's family

Question 17

Ans: Birthday of Samuel Morse (Morse code founder)

Explain the doodle?

Question 18

Explain the doodle?

Ans:Champions league final between Manchester United and Barcelona.
Quiz is officially closed now. Thanks to everyone who used their time to work these questions out

With love
Krishna Sangeeth


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