What's in a Name?

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Huh, Finally I am here in the long awaited blogosphere. Recently my mind has been filled with these ideas of blogging. Not because every Tom, Dick and Harry I know is into blogging. But probably I feel that sharing one's thoughts and experience with the world is an interesting and nostalgic thing to do. It is an elevating and enjoyable process - something that will give some exercise to my dying greycells .

By thought and feelings I don't mean that i will be filling my blog with daily dose of diary writing. I know that many would do that but I think it's too gross. After all what is the point of writing a diary if we were to show it to others. This blog will be something different, but don't expect too much because among the little talents I have , literary writing doesn't figure in at all.

Well since I don’t have much of an idea for my first post, I thought I will give a self introduction about me.

Ok I will start with my name, it is Krishna Sangeeth . There's a strange story that my mother narrated to me once about how I got it . In my naming ceremony(28th day after birth) my father's and mother's family assembled together to give a name to that bright little kid. Unfortunately both party thought that the other group has found a good enough name for me. When the preist who conducted the ceremony asked my father for the child's name he gave a blank look to my mother which she returned courteously. To solve the immediate crisis everyone present there started making instant suggestions.(Thank god there was no sms back then, they might have put an sms poll) After a long discussion my parents came up with two names one was Krishnan and other was sangeeth. Krishnan was the name of my grandfather, so that is how they got it. My mother wanted to teach me music ( which she later understood as a tough nut to crack!), so she insisted on sangeeth.
My uncle who was hearing all this suggested the idea of coining both the names and making it "Krishna Sangeeth". That's how I got my name.

I have had some memorable experiences regarding my name. Some really enjoyable and some totally embarrassing. Usually when people ask me to tell my name I have a habit of rushing through it. There were instances where I was made to repeat the name 5 or 6 times. I used to get a weird feeling back then, but now I am quite used to it. And now I know that there are certain names which are tougher than mine to understand at first like "Pradyoth"(a friend of mine who eventually got more "what" expression for his name than mine).No offence dude just couldn't find another name to slam.

There was a point in my life where I started hating my name. It was when a television soap serial started called "KRISHNA", all my classmates used to make fun of it calling that it's the name of a girl. I really wished to put my fist to the nose of all those who told that during those days. I think I would have cursed everyone from the actors who acted in it to the director of that serial. Well that event led to my unchangeable dislike of prime time soap operas.

Another fiasco happened when some one apparently made a call to my house. I took that call and the guy asked in polite tone
"Is this the house of Krishna sangeeth?"
"Yes", I replied
"Is krishna sangeeth a boy or girl?"
"Boy.What's the matter", I yelled through the phone
"I'm calling from Tagore Library. We're giving away prizes to all students got full A+"
"I was not sure whether to add Mr. or Miss in front of your name in the certificate"
"It's Mr.", I hung up the phone

I felt at that moment that I should reject the award from that library. Then my father reminded me it is not a Nobel prize or anything to call it a rejection. He also told they are giving cash prize which changed my mind. A 1000 bucks wont hurt my sense of pride.

Among these awkward incidents there were also some good moments in which people really complimented me on my name. They definitely out number all the humiliating experiences. But as true human nature Is we only remember the shameful experiences of our life and forgets the good things that happened along.

May be Shakespeare got it right when he said "What's in a Name?", It’s the one thing which you have no control in our life. No one takes the opinion of child when they are going to name it, the maximum a child could do is probably cry like hell when he hears an awful name during the naming ceremony. But there are some people who takes even the child's cry as a good shakun. Yes, it's true the most important part of our identity , our name - we 've have no control over it.

But as for me , I am quite happy and contend with the name I own. I can look skywards and shout "My name is krishna sangeeth"(in true filmy style). My name might not be suggesting anything about what I am, People may like it or dislike it, but it still carries the memory of my grandfather, my mother's wish and last but not the least my identity. And I love it!.

PS: With god's grace I have been blessed with many other name's at various stages of life , some by my family members and some by my "Friends". Each unique and special. They do have some strange stories to tell and are all close to my heart.


Anonymous said...

Guess u r fine wid 'Kindi'

Krishna Sangeeth said...

@ Anonymous

U said it... I guess you are not anonymous after all

Anonymous said...

kindi rocks !!

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