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Note : All events mentioned below may appear to be fiction. But truth is sometimes stranger than fiction 

This has to be one of the most stupidest mistake i have ever made in my life, and what a time to commit it-- Jeez if ever has been a competition for being absent minded, i would have toped in it without an element of doubt. There were 2 mistakes i did which costed me bigtime (This is not the prologue of a Chetan bhagat book, i promise)

Mistake 1: Bunked on a series exam ( CAO).

Mistake 2: Didn't clean up the act ie forgot to get the medical certificate.

Let me elaborate..................


Time :- 8:30 pm

There are certain rules which are considered to be mandatory during exam time, one among those cautionary rules is to have a light dinner so as to reduce the sleeping hours and increase the study hours. Usually i don't like the food at Malayil ( the hostel where i stay) but there are times when your mind tells you one thing and the heart suggest you another, my heart was rooting for filling up the belly -- which i managed successfully.

I went upstairs and looked at the syllabus which gave me glimpses of portion to be covered. I learned few things.... I am having CAO and ALC exams tomorrow, both have 2 modules of untouched portions which are filled with information ready to brainstorm the mind of poor engineering students, And my CAO note book is apparently missing -- the last time i saw it was when i presented a seminar on DAC, i actually used the note so as to give the projector some height for presenting the slides-- But today at this moment i regret that ingenious idea, not having your note book prior to the exam day is a serious disadvantage.

"Tide over your obstacles", I said to myself.

"Hey things are not that bad dude, you still have a text on CAO-- you can study from it, that's how the pro's do it"

I have always found inspiration from self talk, it kind of lifts your morale at crucial situation. So i decided to start fresh. I saw my room mate Vinu immersing himself in studies, he was drawing some pictures which made no sense to me at that time. I needed some concentration, i needed to be alone, there is a vaccant room opposite to ours which i decided to occupy inorder to tide over the unconqured CAO. I picked up my tools and equipments ( books and pen) and went to the room. My mobile vibrated the moment i opened text book, i guess even mobile was against my plans of concentrating on CAO. It was a message from Pradyoth, a friend of mine

"Da paditham entayi? ente oru kunthavum ayilla. Mgucet quizinu povende"

"Jus started. shall go der. But we need to study nw. need to do well for dis series else v wil hav low internals"

After replying to him, i got immersed with the topics of CAO for half an hour. By 9 pm i realised that Shiv Rathri have just got a little extended for me coz i would have to sit all night to complete the portions. My eyes were getting quite sleepy. There were two parts of me now fighting against each other

the bad part : "Dude, you've gotta study all night to complete the portion. So why don't you just take a half hour break and sleep for sometime"

the good part: " Hey don't listen to him. You will fall asleep if you decide to rest. Marks are more important than rest"

the bad part: " Shut up wise guy, ever heard of a thing called alarm? You can wake up exactly after 30 mins. Rest is required for your body"

The good part of me stoped suggesting any ideas after the onslaught from the bad part. So i did went on with the bad part. After all the ideas from the bad part are totally irresistible. I took my mobile phone, put an alarm exactly which should wake me up after 30 mins.

I woke up at correct time which is 9:30 pm thanks to my loud alarm. I started going through the topics one by one, CAO appears quite simple now-- afterall everything is quite simple once you apply yourself. I was learning at a very fast rate (which was unbelievable), may be it's the quietness of the night-- i was having peak concentration. By 11:30 pm i completed module 1, I took a walk outside the room. I think Vinu has started sleeping-- there is no light in his room. Too bad that he has started sleeping, there's plenty of portion to be covered. I felt proud that i am the only man still burning his midnight's lamp. All the great man have worked when others were enjoying their sleep. I might not attain greatness but good marks for CAO is a definite now that i have worked hard on it.

As the time flied away i completed my 2nd module of CAO and even started learning ALC which was my second exam. There is a saying "Once you are into something seriously; even work becomes pure pleasure". I studied all night, the most interesting part was that i never felt tired. I was determined to do well, and when you are determined even stones in your path turns into flowers. As i reached the exam hall i could see tense faces here and there. Dennis approached me and said he couldn't learn a thing yesterday. I found it surprising that i was actually attending an exam where i am fully prepared but my classmates clueless about what is going to happen. With a positive attitude i went inside the hall before everyone and took the question paper. It's unbelievable - there wasn't even a single question which i am not sure of. It appeared like one of those school life experience where we recieves the leaked question paper before the exam day.


Wow hope you are through my achievement in the CAO exam. All of you know that life is not picture perfect. If things happens in your life which is more than what you ever expected-- Do the following 1) try to pinch your hands 2) try to move your hands up and down 3) ask someone near to pour water on you. If the above litmus tests fail you could be in a very very wild dream.

But when we see such beautiful things seldom do our brain trigger those tests. As you would have understood by now-- the vague discription i gave above was only a mere dream which my sub conscious mind created.

Time :- 8:15 am

"What the f**k?" these were the words with which i greeted the morning. I looked at the mobile as though it had commited the world's biggest crime. I have slept more than 11 hours on this stupid room. Atleast Vinu would have waked me up if i had choose to study in my orginal room. And in my sleep i saw a dream-- a dream of studying CAO and ALC. Is this the world's biggest irony ever. I know Shakespeare has created a few, but that was fiction. This is real life..

Now the good part was starting to take lectures on do's and don'ts.

I looked a the watch once more( don't believe mobiles anymore.)

AND WHEN YOU HAVE JUST MADE A MISTAKE...... YOU DO ANOTHER MISTAKE TO COVER IT UP. "It is human to err and divine to forgive"-- Finally the bad part breaks silence.

the Bad part: "You could work this to your advantage. Study for the second exam (ALC) and write a retest for CAO. You already have a bit of cold and head ache.. Use your brain man"

We know for a fact that only bad things will happen with the advice of the bad part, but still we choose them. I guess the shortest path is still the best path for all of us. With a lot of heavy heart I BUNKD the CAO exam. May be courageous people would have still gone and attended the exam. Though i preach to others all the time " Courage is the adventure of life"-- I myself lacked the guts to do it.

I called a friend of mine Vinish telling him that i will come to his hostel so that i can study ALC some where peaceful. Was i afraid that i will fall asleep and see some stupid dream again?

After sometime Vinish called me telling me that he is also planning to cut the exam today. He said he vomited early morning and told me that we could write the retest together. Did Vinish made up that story out of thin air? Only god knows the answer to that question

(to be continued..............)

PS: If you don't know what DAC,ALC,CAO stands for.. search in the Oxford English Dictionary or google it. If my jokes make you sick, read more.... the worst is yet to come.


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Great story man!!
Execellent english beautifully written.....
Good job buddy...

kiran gandhi said...

wonderfully crafted.

truly fascinating to read.

well done

Presil said...

wow... every time i read this i am taken to the world u create.. amazing read man..

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