Fighting for One's Self Respect

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                                                            Time is 10 pm now. As i give exercise to the backspace key of blesson's lap, after writing something over and over again, one thing is clear- I feel agitated. The cold that i just got by drinking that chilly water from cooler might be one of the reasons for it. No, that is just not it. When you personally know that you are going the wrong track of your life, and are making stupid decisions that will alter your future, there is a sense of disgust which arises that makes life disturbing. Every time you look at the mirror, the eyebrows get sharpened, the serious nature becomes more dominant. As they say, face is the manifestation of your mind. Some people are good in faking, but i am not, when i am disturbed it shows in whatever i do. I feel like i am caught up somewhere unsure of which bus to take in a bus stand. Everyone beside me seems to be taking the right buses. But i am stuck in that rusty bus stop in  a never ending rain that makes me shiver. When we are unsure about the next step, when we feel alone in a crowded place, when we start making the habit of breaking promises- there is something that happens, you start loosing your self respect. 

                                                           This  is the worst thing that could happen to an individual. When you look at that mirror and tries to put that beaming smile and come's to realize that it is not quite there, we start saying common phrases like "LIFE SUCKS DUDE" , "I NEED A BREAK" , "EVERYTHING IS F**K'D UP" etc. Luckily i am not quite still there at a point where i feel my life is a total waste. I do have a strong sense of conviction that, i do belong and have a purpose in this life. Everybody do have a purpose in life, that is my philosophy no matter whoever you are-  the guy in question could be  CEO of a billion dollar MNC , a beggar that meets his day from the kindness of strangers or a saint that lives his life worshiping the idols. No matter who the guy ends up being, he still forms an important link of chain of events that sustains the greatest play ever exhibited called LIFE. Feels so much relieved after the previous statement (Hahaha). 

                                                           In one of my favorite movie series Rocky , the inspirational boxer teaches us  how important it is we fight for our damn self respect. In one of the memorable quotes, martin one of the characters says "There is only one kind of respect that matters in this world  and that is self respect" . I think of it these days and believe it is true, we live looking for other people's respect and fails to see what our conscience has been telling all this while. Whenever we do something wrong , our heart do sends the warning signals- but in this hectic life only few lend their ears to what the heart has to say. By not following these words of wisdom, we are starting a process of shutting ourselves down. Imagine  a man who doesn't have the gut feelings, who doesn't have the basic instincts of something being right or wrong. Such a situation is a one way ticket to eternal doom. At the end of the day everything boils down to that one important thing , 'Self Respect' - something which very few people owns with at most ease. This virtue doesn't comes easily, though many people think they have self respect, they are usually wrong; they are still facing the dilemma of finding difference between pride and self respect. 

                                                            People who have self respect will never try to endorse their worthiness. They don't believe in acclamations and applause and knows the universal truth that the people who praise you often are the ones who needs you for the time being and critics are the ones who are your genuine friends. They never run behind success, fame or money but they do their work without any fuzz and a missionary zeal, in short they are people who cares less about what others think of them and more about what they think of themselves. People call them the rebels, the misfits , the crazy ones but they surprise us every moment with their innovative thoughts and ideas, their unparalleled vision of future, their ability to make something out of nothing and actually make work look like fun. Even amidst all these glory, they would remain core to the ground and gives us the usual phrases like "JUST MY LUCK".  All the great men you saw in your history pages, the one's that changed this world with their belief and vision had these common traits. 

                                                              Our life is not really that long as you think it is, it will seem like a drag at times but when you wished for it to be a little longer, it will end. Like all anti climax English flicks, your life will come to a sudden full stop when you least expect it. May be you will on that frightful moment understand the biggest mystery of all " Will Mr. Yaman appear from nowhere and swing his rope until it reach our necks? " (hehe this is my biggest mystery, yours might vary ). Let's now look at that moment, just before your death. Let's dramatize a bit , U ARE IN YOUR DEATHBED ; everything you thought was yours will be gone forever in a matter of minutes. The car, the money, the apartment everything that you lived for will become irrelevant the moment you close your eyes. At those closing moments you will not think about any of these things though, you would instead think about your loved ones, the almighty that created you , the people you hurt , the things you failed to complete. At that brief movie which appears in front of you, you can see your entire life panned  out. Now you can make those final words YES, I COULD HAVE LIVED A MUCH BETTER LIFE.  The people who had self respect would have another set of words and you know it by now

That's all Folks

Krishna Sangeeth K.S


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