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Entering into the realm of short stories. Happy reading :)

Story dedicated to

Everyone who had tried  to stop time by removing battery from clock and failed.



Priest : What brings you here today son?

Joe : I have committed the biggest mistake of my life.

Priest : That's what everyone says son, but there is nothing like 'the biggest mistake of  my life'. There is always a better one hiding up there in your future.

Joe : I thought you wanted to hear my story.

Priest : Of course,  That is what i am here for.

Priest : So what is it that bugs you?

Joe :  How can i explain it? It's complicated. I can't stand the thought of it..

Priest : Why don't you take it easy on you, start from the beginning. Tell me how it all began.

Joe : That's gonna be difficult father, coz i don't have much of time.

Priest : It's a love story, isn't it?

Joe: Sadly yes.

Priest : Son I'm a priest, not a relationship expert. I think you need help from someone else. Now if you would please, there are other important things to do.

Joe : No one else can give peace to my heart.

Priest : You have got 10 seconds, tell me one good reason- WHY should i listen to you?

Joe : Actually 2 reasons.

Priest : Enlighten me son. I have my watch in my wrist.

Joe : Reason A, You are the priest and you can never say no to anyone who needs your help

Priest : Ok that's it, I really would like to hear what you  have to say, but there are some really important things which should be done. Hope lord fixes your problem.

Joe : and Reason B, I  killed the  girl i loved about an hour ago and I feel like shit.

Priest : What?

Joe : I know where i am going out from here,wouldn't it be an experience to jump from the top of golden gate bridge, feel the adrenaline pumping before i am  no more. But i need some one in this world to know why i did it. Not for the police records, but it will be comforting if one soul saw the whole thing  from my perspective. Will you be that one person Father? I have never begged in front of anyone.

Priest : Son, have some water.



Priest: Tell me son, you can take as much as time you want.

Joe: What an insane person I am? Killed the girl I loved all my life with these hands of mine.  I deserve the highest punishment a man can get. I don’t deserve to live in a world she doesn’t exist, she completed me father--- She stayed with me when everyone left me, saw the better human in me which many never believed in. Yet I took her life, I am a MONSTER , I Don’t……….

Priest : Hang in a second there. You have taken the best step a man can take after committing a MISTAKE…

Joe: Whaaaaaaaat! Is killing the girl who trusted you with her life a simple mistake father? I don’t deserve any sympathy father.

Priest : Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying you made a simple mistake. But it takes some amount of courage to confess one’s mistakes. That shows you are not a madman running in the street killing people. There is some goodness within you,  I want to know your story. I can’t fix what has happened, but I see a man here who seriously wishes to undo his actions and I will pray for that man to almighty god.

Priest : Tell me how it all started? Right from the beginning.


                                                              When you think about love-- You might get the picture of that blonde that said the frequent ‘GOOD MORNINGS’ & ‘GOOD NIGHTS’ at reception desk or  that girl you bumps into at the elevator every now and then. It  could be otherwise the girl whom you see in the cover page of magazine.  Of all the possible ways of falling in love , I made the most simple choice – It was the best choice I ever made. I fall in love with the girl who  came to my class at 4th grade.
Her name was Rachael, she came to my school when her  family  moved back here from Boston. It was 4th grade. Miss Sally introduced her to the class. She was shy, had a feeble voice that was sweet to hear,  an innocent smile that melt many hearts, freely falling black hair, eyes that  talks a lot, she was lot of things back then. Years have passed since then, but I still have that moment in my memory when she took the seat next to me. A gesture that didn’t went well with many of my friends, Was it love at first sight? I guess not. We were just kids.
There was one thing peculiar about her, She secretly used to steal stuff from others.  Trivial things like pencils, crayons , erasers etc  were her favorites.  One day she stole a packet of crayons which I had valued a great deal.  I realized that she is the only person who could have stolen it and  I went directly to her.
“ Did ya took my crayons?”

“ No, why are you asking me?”

I couldn’t  take a blunt No as an answer, so  I searched her bag and I found my crayons.

“ wat ya say about  tis then?” , I pointed at the crayons.

 “they are mine”, that shocked me. I was expecting an apology and there -- she gave me the biggest lie I had heard that day. It didn’t end there, soon tears rolled up at her pretty face.  Honestly it was sad thing for me to watch her  cry. I left the crayons at her disposal and walked away.  That was  a first for me, I wouldn’t have turned back for any other person in this world at that moment. But I did it for her,  I walked away without saying a word. 
Was it love ? Naa..  it can’t be … Maybe it was.

(to be continued...)


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